Excuses – guilty as charged


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I was thinking to myself how I was going to dedicate the first paragraph of my next blog to the explanation for why I haven’t posted in a week. And only then it hit me that I am just trying to not myself look “bad”. Like there was something wrong with my actions.

Ok, hands up whoever lied to their friends about not being able to meet up because there was “so much work to do”. Don’t lie to me, we’ve all done it. There are only two types of people in this world – liars… and liars. But how bad can the truth be that we result in something that isn’t true?

With the example I gave above I’m sure you all think that it’s just polite to lie and not bluntly say “don’t feel like it” over a text message. And I agree, I really do. But recently a friend of mine called me saying he can’t go out with me because he’s too tired and would’t be the greatest company for a night out. Did I go ahead and shout at him whilst blocking him on every social media ever? No. Because I think honestly is much more valuable.

Every person has made an excuse about not doing their homework, or being late “because of the traffic”. But since every one of us used that excuse at least once, wouldn’t that be easily spotted by the person we’re trying to lie to?  It seems like nowadays people blame everyone and everything around them instead of looking themselves in the eyes and admitting that whatever happened was their fault. I do not want people to feel bad about themselves, but just admit that sometimes we just decide to choose the easy way.

I’ve been trying to get fit for the past couple of years. And the fact I’m only 17 years old makes it probably much more funny and sad in some ways. Though when I look at what I thought were things I had no influence over, I saw just a bunch of excuses. The cliche “I’ll start next week,” “I need to get new running shoes,” and my personal favourite, “I don’t have the time.”

What did this get my poor body into? Underweight, stamina of a sloth, and the urge to cough up my lungs every time I have to run for more than 30 seconds to get the bus.  And don’t get me even started on going up the stairs. If there’s no elevator in your house consider the invitation invalid.

Anyway, the point is – don’t shop in your local sports shop. Everything’s overprices and you’re much better of shopping online. No wait..

The point is – these excuses made me feel better about my actions. Like what I was doing wasn’t entirely my fault, just part of it. Sure, sometimes you are physically unable to do something, and that’s ok. But telling yourself for five years in a row that you can’t go do sports because of the weather or the lack of time is just ridiculous.

With this semi-funny story I would like you to be aware of what you’re doing with your life. I’m not trying to make you question everything you do and feel bad for taking a day off for yourself to unwind, but to take a honest look in the mirror and see whether this one thing you haven’t done was really because you couldn’t or didn’t want to do it.

Our number of days is set, and we shouldn’t spend them trying to have it easy. How else are we supposed to open up to new things if we stay in our cozy sofas for the rest of our lives?



Ps. Now I will go finish my chemistry homework because I obviously had to finish this before doing it. Oh the irony 😉



15 thoughts on “Excuses – guilty as charged

  1. Oooh, this is a very good post! Gave me the push I needed to stop whining and get to work. I’ve been putting off working on my novel-in-progress, because I’m soooo busy, or not good enough, or not ready to write it yet… No more excuses! Thank you!


  2. Thank you so much for the inspiring words.I am myself “guilty as charged” as you said.I have stopped writing for a good number of days and feel extremely sad about it.I will definitely start being honest to myself and work towards my writing.


  3. Oh the struggle to get fit. I do exactly that.

    Recently a friend of mine hurt me really bad and I expected him to just keep on giving me excuses, but he apologized and told me the truth and that made me feel much better. This post reminded me of that, and that’s why I completely agree with you! 😃

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  4. Very interesting article. Your writing has a fun side and really entertaining. Well I too keep fit ad its essential to keep yourself healthy both body and mind what ever the age maybe. Hope you did your home work well. Best of luck with your keep fit program 🙂


  5. I am nominating you for the Three Days, Three Quotes Challenge. Hope you don’t mind.

    Rules of the challenge:

    1.Three quote for three days.
    2.Three nominees each day(no repetition).
    3.Thank the person who nominated you.
    4.Inform the nominees.


  6. Wow I truly enjoyed your perspective! It’s so true! And honestly, I get more mad because I know “you” are fibbing rather than when “you” tell me the honest truth haha. Btw, you are brilliant for such a young age!


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