Spoiler alert – you exist 

This might sound like I’m being a “captain obvious” here, but I want to just friendly remind everyone that they’re a living being with consciousness. And that’s awesome.

For quite some time, in my teenage years, I never really gave much thought to the idea of being alive. Now, I do know you do not expect every single (pre)teen to be existentialist and wonder what the meaning of life is, but that’s something quite important.

So, spoiler alert – you’re alive. It might shock you, it’s ok. Take your time to let that thought sink in. You’re a living organism with such a complex mind that even the fastest computer can’t beat the amount of processes your own brain completes in a second. Everything inside you is coordinated perfectly – the way ventricles contract before after the valves close, the unconscious breathing and blinking, or even the maintenance of blood sugar level. Everything ticks like in a clock, without you even realising a thing!

I do not want to get too philosophical or medical here, but the reason I am brining this all up is because we only have one life on this planet. Every single one of us has a set number of days and should use it to the fullest. The choices made on the path we call ‘life’ are what make us.

My intention is not to make you aware of the pressure of being alive or the fact we are literally flying across the never-ending universe without having a chance to stop… Well, ok, that might be a part of it. But my main point is to make you realise how sometimes we should remember we breathe, love, and live.

Lately, there has been a lot of negativity happening all around us. Whether it’s the news, the neighbours, or classmates, there is always some negativity radiating. And I would like you to see that absorbing it will not help you in a single way.

As I mentioned earlier, we only have such a fraction of all time to spend here. When you’re upset you can’t enjoy the wonderful thing of being a human being. Sure, sadness is a part of life, and should not be looked down at (or ignored!), but there are certain ways we make our journey more difficult than intended.

When someone critiques your life-choices, or who you are – whatever your sexuality, race, or age – let them talk. But as they’re talking, go to the amazing thoughts you had during your life journey – the experiences only you and maybe a few others can share. And think how if you did not live the life you’re living right now, you’d most likely never have these amazing memories.

We learn new things everyday, whether it’s at work, school, or home. But as our minds suck up the endless messages, a part of us slowly forgets to exist. As if everything turned into a dream with little conscience present.

My message to you is to wake up, take a look around your life… and live it to the fullest.


16 thoughts on “Spoiler alert – you exist 

  1. Well then. I was not expecting to find this little bit of advice today, but it’s kind of great. By that I mean, well-timed. A lot has changed in my life and it’s been an absolute whirlwind from which I can barely decipher up from down and the chaos has been real, the stress astronomical. Having this little piece to read and remind myself that the stress, while important, isn’t everything, is a breath of fresh air. Thank you.

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  2. Oddly enough, me and my friends are the type to wonder about the “meaning of life” during our teenage years :D. Good post though! And…ummmm….not to be grammar police but you forgot a g in bringing….

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  5. Good advice especially for the younger crowd. We I am a mature lady but, that doesn’t mean I have finished learning. I keep on absorbing like a sponge and even from much younger crowd than me. I am studying again at this retiring age, as I want more knowledge about mental issues being a survivor of long term depression and mood disorder. So that I can give advice as a qualified person as well. Happy writing and the Very Best of Luck 🙂

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  6. This is so profound and yet so smack-in-the-face obvious. I think we do get so caught up with existing that we forget we’re alive a lot of the time. Keep spreading the positivity. I’ll be sharing this so that I can help spread it too 🙂

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