Standing out


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“Stop being such a special snowflake!”  Because that red hair you got is just for attention, not self-expression. Because this ‘flashy’ shirt you have on is to just bring more eyes onto you. Obviously not because it’s what you want to wear, right?

Before I start my rambling I’d like to say that I would not like this post to become a discussion on gender norms and what a certain gender should do or wear. It’s 2016, and these lines are blurring, so there is no reason to judge.

I was always baffled when someone accused me for “trying too hard to be different.” I am always expressing myself fully and truly – please forgive me for not fitting in your ‘standards’ and ‘norms’. I craved to be normal, it was kind of my obsession. But it didn’t work out, thankfully. I stayed stubborn and let my self be.

This type of hatred can be seen almost everywhere. In a range of age, social, and economic groups there are people shaming others for being themselves. And I’m kind of fed up with that.

Self-expression is probably the most important part of living. Being your own self is what makes life beautiful. Imagine a world where everyone has the same haircut, the same outfit, and behaves in a similar way. Doesn’t a world like that sound tragic?

I understand you might see someone’s way of expressing themselves as “too flashy” or “ridiculous”. But if they’re not causing any harm, why the negativity? This is something that confused me for years – people having something against people and thing which don’t even influence them. Someone’s hairstyle, outfit, behaviour – if it’s not harming you in any way, please stop the criticism.

Life is all about standing out of the crowd. It’s such a key thing to almost every single thing we do in our lives. Applying for university? Your application needs to stand out from the other’s in order for the admission office to notice it. Job application? Unless you are unique in some way, you’re not going to get the place.

See? Being “average” and “normal” wouldn’t get us into the most exciting parts of life.

Whoever you are, being you is always the way to go. And before I get someone saying “But there are murderers out there! Letting them do their thing would not be safe for our kids!” – let me say one more thing. As long as the person does absolutely no actual harm to you and your family, let them be.

I might sound like a hypocrite, because I might be touching the areas where you feel me going “let them be” is against your way of self-expression. But this goes back to my previous point where I talk about the harm you’re causing with your opinion.

Let’s try to live peacefully together, because this world is all we have. Our time here is limited, and spending it on hatred and attempting to make everyone “normal” is just a waste of time. Go out, stand out… and just live.


32 thoughts on “Standing out

  1. If you are white …you are rich and too soft …if u are black you are violent …if you are skinny …you are trying to be who you are not …if you are plump eat too much … What the heck does the world want of us ?

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  2. I know this very well. Being different. Actually everyone is unique to each other. We all have our own Gifts, Talents. Only thing its not all who know or make use of them. These people who think that some stand out or doing things differently do not see the light within them. Half way during my schooling I was admitted into another school, which I didn’t fit in. What was just normal ways of dress and doing things, was looked as showing off off or being too modern. Its only now that I have realized that what went on was sort of bullying. As there were things said in my hearing making me feel very uncomfortable. Although I achieved a lot in there, after years, now I am a grandma I cannot recall that period as happy. My mind still goes to that carefree time and friends I had in the other school before that. Actually this is called envy or jealousy. Although some of them have qualified more than me, years after I still look smarter and have moved on much ahead with the times than most of them. Most of you who are doing and reading are way younger to me. So look at all these things with a mature eye. There is nothing wrong to be seen as different. Let those who think, tell do so. Be different. Be the Unique person you are, and give your Gift to the world. Best of Luck ๐Ÿ™‚

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  3. Yes with exclamation points to this: “But if theyโ€™re not causing any harm, why the negativity? This is something that confused me for years โ€“ people having something against people and thing which donโ€™t even influence them. Someoneโ€™s hairstyle, outfit, behaviour โ€“ if itโ€™s not harming you in any way, please stop the criticism.” It’s always been my thought too. Thanks for expressing it!

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  4. Like you, I craved to be “normal” when I was younger. A few years ago, I finally realized that everyone defines normal differently – because we are all different. So why should I fit to someone else’s standards of normal, when I can find the standards that are right for me? That’s the beauty of it – like you said, as long as you don’t harm anyone, being yourself is the best. ๐Ÿ™‚

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  5. Really liked this post. I actually had an article published where I’d recruited 120 participants and found a significant relationship between personality and fashion. This post reminded me of that and then broadened it out to wider issues which I really liked

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  6. I completely agree with being yourself. We should all be the best “me” we can. I do not agree that “Life is all about standing out…” Certain parts of our life require that we stand out, but not ALL of our life. However, if you’re the best “me” you can be and you put yourself out there, you will be noticed by the right people at the right time.

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  7. What exactly is “normal?” I don’t really understand the standards of being “normal;” I believe that it isn’t a word for describing people. Everyone is different – unique in their own way. And since we live with such diverse people, we must integrate with them understandingly and acceptingly if we want to keep living in a peaceful society.
    I loved your post!! Keep being stubborn! ๐Ÿ™‚

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  8. A life well lived is a life without regrets … A life of satisfaction and mental peace. If you were to come back to life a day after ur funeral …n u stand on a mountain and look at everything that you thought was important …ud be amazed to find Money, power and everything else materialistic turn to dust.

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  9. Great post. I too am a believer in “Live and let live!” We have enough on our own plates and thus should not worry about what our friends and neighbors are doing that may be different from us. Like has been said, how boring life would be if we all came from the same mold, so to speak.


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