“Jack of all trades, master of none”



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This might be the reason for why I’ll succeed in life, or why I’ll fail miserably. Not quite sure yet which to choose. I don’t want to sound dramatic, but this is just me facing the truth.

The title is probably self-explanatory. I guess it is time for me to come out as not only an unmotivated enthusiast, but also someone who apparently does not know how to focus on one freaking hobby at a time.

Don’t get me wrong, I do not have ADHD and don’t want to sound like I’m mocking those who have it. But my brain does not make my life any simpler “y’all” (trying my best to sound trendy and relatable). Or maybe it lets me focus on one thing for long enough to make me feel sick over time. Either way, I have some explaining to do.

Blogging is not the first hobby I undertook due to boredom or as a challenge to push my boundaries and expand my horizons. It’s a great thing to do, sure, but that does not mean I actually succeed or stick to whatever I’m doing for (mostly) longer than a few months.

Before you go and unfollow, please listen to what I have to say. 

You still there? Great. As you might have noticed, blogging is something new to me. And I love it, I really do. BUT WAIT, THERE’S A PLOT TWIST.

Just like everything else I love, I get obsessed with it to the point where I spend most of my waking hours on it. And I’m trying my best to not let that happen with blogging. Because this actually feels like something I can see myself doing for a very long period of time.

There are so many things I have tried in the past, and it’s scary to think I don’t do (almost) any of these anymore. What’s even more funny, is that once I reach a certain point where I’m contempt with “where I’m standing” in the certain hobby… I just kinda go “meh” and move on.


Picture by theodd1sout.                             Did I mention I tried painting too?

I’m crazy, I know. But I hope you can relate. See, when I was about 8 years old I started taking piano lessons. Being creative and all, before I realised I was much better at sciences and maths. But that’s a whole another story. Anyway, I took piano lessons for about 3 or 4 years before I realised that I could continue learning by self-teaching myself different songs. This worked for about the next year before I finally learned how to play my at the time favourite song. Because then I stopped. Just… couldn’t be bothered to go on. I got where I wanted and that was about it. Why bother pushing myself even more? Sure, I fantasised about giving a concert to a huge group of people, but actually trying to do it? Haha, sure. I guess this links to the whole idea of an unmotivated enthusiast, doesn’t it?

But the list goes on. About a year ago I really got into photography, but I could never really improve my photo quality that much because I didn’t have a dedicated camera – just the one in my phone. So what did I do? I saved money for a semi-professional SLR. The beginning could be compared to a romance, where we would never be separated and I spent every minute with my beloved companion.

Sadly, just like most romances this, too, had an ending. After editing so many of those photos and posting them on Instagram almost every day, I kind of got sick of it to the point where I couldn’t even go near my camera (oh, how dramatic!). Despite my rather good following, I took a 3-month break to come back and post every once in a while. My pictures used to get hundreds of likes, and now it’s a party when I hit 100.

Yeah, sure, it’s all just a number, but it’s sad to see how I put effort into something only to then ruin it myself with the lack of motivation I so deeply need. Nothing better than your own self making it harder for you, eh?

You might be wondering where I’m going with this post. Is it going to turn into one of these inspiring stories which want you to continue what you’ve started? Kinda, but not really. See, besides piano and photography I also tried sports, creative writing, poetry and computing just to name a few. None of those really stuck with me, and I guess I’m kind of glad they didn’t.

If they did, you would probably never see this post. And even though I did spend so much time and effort on some of the things I’ve done in the past, there isn’t any regret in it. My views have expanded, and I’ve (hopefully) become a more open-minded person.

Being really good in one thing can be interesting, but I like trying new things. So even if I’ll never be a master of  a trade, I sure as hell am going to be a jack of all of them. Because it’s all about finding what suits you best.


44 thoughts on ““Jack of all trades, master of none”

  1. Maybe content in high-school is for a few who figure to have found themselves out. Form didn’t always equal content in high-school nor does it always now, still better to strive though because therein lies growth and inspiration for and from others if that makes any sense?

    It is interesting to see you write and if you would like more, I guess it just requires writing, reviewing and breaking on through to the other side. Put your mind to it and most things are possible! Keep up the good work. ^_^

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    • I hope to continue writing, for I believe it is the best way to express myself and my thoughts. Quite often the self-doubt found its way in causing me to stop doing one thing or another, but this time will hopefully be different.
      Thank you for the kind words πŸ™‚


  2. I had to chuckle a bit as I read this. I am also there. I decide one day I am in the mood to do something new, go full-out for a while and then get over it. Then a new thing starts. I have actually battled with this for a while because I want to do it ALL and the horror of thinking that I must pick only one thing is just too great. So now I realized that i CAN indeed do it all! So I do. LOL.

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  3. I have never been able to settle on one hobby. I start one, then pick up another one, then another…so the story goes. Then I go back to the one I did before.
    I have tried to delay the hobby urge. I usually go to the library and read about it. The reading doesn’t always help because some of it is geared towards getting you into the hobby. If there is very little information, I can sometimes quash that hobby urge.
    In the past year I have felt the urge to take up stamp collecting (thanks to Lawrence Block) dabble in Arduino, by a drone, build a hot rod….and the list goes on. Fortunately, I did not take up these and I have a few dollars left in my pocket. Unfortunately, I did make a start at baking, painting, gardening, and learning Spanish……
    I wouldn’t trade my impulsive nature for anything…but if you look at my hobby blog (the title is a take on the title of this post) you’ll see just how many hobbies I have. Not all are active, but they are waiting for me.

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  4. this is not very unusual..it happens to almost all, now and then..but to understand that is the first step..anything can be corrected..but for all this u need a strong will..not a passive approach..u have analysed good..d next step is to find , which suits ur style, ur outlook, ur perception..once u have identified that, then decide to be firm nd try it , with greater focus..

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  5. I loved reading this! I was in stitches reading this as it reminded me of my self so much. I am new to blogging and i hope i can keep it up. Your way of writing is so funny and fresh, i just loved it. Hope you carry on writing, i would miss your blogs very much if you stopped.

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  6. Heh, I have a tendency to do the same thing. The world is an interesting place! I think it’s a good thing. In order to grow as a person, you have to change things up. In order to find what you love to do, you have to go out and try it all. The ones that stick with you are the ones that truly matter and make us who we are, and you can always go back and rediscover stuff if you feel nostalgic. Here’s to being a Jack! Hope you keep writing! πŸ™‚

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  7. I don’t think there’s anything wrong with you. I’d encourage you to keep searching and playing with whatever you want. My bet is, sooner or later, you’ll find something you want to spend the rest of your life doing. Even if that “something” turns out to be “trying everything.” The world needs adventurous people. I enjoyed this post, and I’m glad I found your blog.

    As long as you’re enjoying what you do in life, I don’t know that there’s much more a person can hope for. Enjoy the search. I’ll keep my eyes open for your next post.

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  8. Keep blogging, how can you know what you think if you cannot examine them? When you write some of your thinking becomes visible and can be reviewed/challenged … a good thing. Phrases like go with the flow, how can you know if you li ke something if you don’t try it! Being a jack of all trades master of none can become a negative if you let it … I too used to worry about being being a generalist and not a specialist/expert. However, I learnt that networkers connectors like us can help those specialist who are sometimes stuck in their silos to join the dots … Buckminster Fuller a real comprehensive allegedly used to walk into an airport magazine store and pick a journal at random to deliberately cross fertilise his knowledge base. Your boredom maybe just fuelled by “curiosity” nothing wrong in that. Later in life you may also discover that some/many of your Jack skills are better than the skills of some who claim mastery. Keep blogging, keep exploring, keep learning

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  9. Great blog which I too can relate to. During my working life I changed jobs very often. I would give it everything that I had and as soon as I had mastered it I would get bored. It was the challenge that I chased.

    I believe looking back now that I was looking for ways to develop my creativity and my spirituality. Which I believe makes me a more complete person (if that makes sense)

    If I was starting my career path over again I would definitely go down the counselling route, because to me, if you can help someone emotionally to find peace within that is the greatest gift……. Maybe that’s why the plastic surgeon career appeals ! You appear to be a natural giver. I am curious as to what star sign you are?

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  10. I know exactly how you feel! I could literally hear myself talking when I read your post, trying to explain to other people how I have difficulty committing to one hobby. I’ve only just started up blogging and I’m sure I’ll move on, but enjoy it while it lasts right? πŸ™‚

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  11. You are still young and yes lot of us can be Jack of all trades and master of none. I also have done many things, but I have gone to the end of most of it. What stops anyone from following to the end is, one thing its lack of passion. You need to find exactly what makes you Tick. Really excited that you cant stop but go on. This takes time. For anything the beginning is fun, the middle part is hard work. This is where most give up. If you can stick in the middle when its not all that exciting you can come to the last part where you can go to the end to succeed. I hope that makes some sense in some way πŸ™‚

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  12. Dear Jack,
    I am old enough to be your mother. My oldest son is almost 24. I have described myself often as a Jill of All Trades, apart from a Green Dog. I was born in Castro’s Cuba, raised halfway between Spain and New Jersey and managed to never quite fit in. I’ve given up on ever fitting in.
    I’ve been everything from an English teacher, to a cleaner to a cattle farmer. I have experience in half a dozen other areas.
    Enjoy your capacity for multiple interests while you can. Life goes by fast. Maybe you won’t have time, energy or money to dedicate to your interests. Until recently, all my extra money went into…bagpipes for my sons.
    The Green Dog

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  13. ha ha ha. what makes me laugh is finding out how young you are in the end, in the comments. ever hear of george plimpton? i wanted to be like him when i grew up so i could do a whole bunch of things. some of these hobbies become tools in our belts. some we come back to when we’ve lived a little more. i wrote poems in h.s., but i mostly wanted to be a performer. i’ve had my george plimpton life, and now i am a poet again. you just never know. ever see that tarantino movie, grindhouse? rose mcgowan & her useless talents? they all come together in the end. and it’s true, the more things you try, the more things you know.

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  14. Ever feel something similar with school projects? Your teacher assigns you a project, lets say it is on stem cells. You read every thing you can in order to prepare a presentations and by the end you are so sick of it, you never want to hear about that topic again? I think that happens more often than hobbies for me. Although it happens with hobbies too. Nice post btw :D.

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  15. Crazy is always good. It’s a sign of genius. I am just like that as well. I am new to blogging and I might not be ha,f as good as you but I share your sentiments of not being able to continue for a long period of time. I had my fair share of ‘addictions’ which had premature endings.

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